Where can I get retail price information?
Wesley Allen is a manufacturer and wholesaler. As such, our dealers are free to set their own prices. Your dealer will be the source for retail prices.
I saw a Wesley Allen iron bed that I really liked, but I can't find it on your website. Is it still available?
Wesley Allen has over 80 iron beds and over 30 accessories. While several are available for viewing on our website, the complete catalog is only available for viewing at one of our many local dealers. Click here to request a location of the nearest dealer.
I am interested in a particular bed. Which retailer currently has this bed on their floor for me to see?
We actually have no way of knowing in real-time which stores have certain styles on display. The best way to determine this is to call them ahead of time.
How are Two-Tone finishes applied?
Two-Tone finishes, for example, Brass / Mocha, follow the following logic. The top bar(s) of the headboard is finished in Brass (the 1st color) and the rest in Mocha (the 2nd color). Any castings are accented with Brass (the 1st color).
Do Twin beds accommodate trundles?
Yes. In fact, all Iron Twin Beds and Doubles (in a CBS configuration) and Iron Day Beds are able to accommodate a trundle. The Gaston and Amherst are exceptions and cannot accommodate trundles as they are specialty beds.
What size mattress does a Daybed require?
All our iron daybeds require a Twin mattress.
Can I have finish samples sent to me?
Unfortunately, we do not produce finish samples. We strongly believe that they are ineffective at conveying what a given bed will actually look like in a certain finish. The very best way to see our finishes is at your dealer. Our dealers have our full catalog, which is very comprehensive and elegantly presented. It includes high resolution close-ups of the finishes as they appear on a bed in actuality. This leaves very little to the imagination.
Does Wesley Allen do C.O.M? In other words, can I send in my own fabric and have it applied to an upholstered bed?
Yes, we are able to provide this service. We welcome your own fabric.
Does Wesley Allen sell directly to consumers?
We only sell through dealers. Consumers are unable to buy directly from us.
Are Wesley Allen beds composed of solid or hollow tubes?
We use hollow tubes for the bed posts and general tubing. The exception are tubes of 1/2" diameter or less, which are solid. The frame (rails and support slats) and certainly solid, high-gauge steel. However, solid wrought iron beds are commonly antiques and impractically heavy. There is no structural compromise on a Wesley Allen bed, and quality hollow steel tubes are still very strong indeed.
What size bed skirt do I need?
Our beds come with a clearance of 8" between the frame and the floor. If a bed accommodates a trundle, the clearance is 16". The Gaston and Amherst have clearances of 12".
Where does Wesley Allen obtain the bedding used in their photography?
We have the majority of our bedding custom made by Tomasini Fine Linens.
Can I customize a bed beyond the range of options available?
In some cases, beds can be customized to specific requirements. Examples include: raising the bed so that it rests higher off the floor using a slatted frame versus our normal CB frame; raising the headboard; using two headboards to make a complete bed etc.In such cases, there will be an upcharge for extra labor and materials. Wesley Allen should always be consulted before a customization is promised to a consumer. All customizations are subject to safety and stability determinations.